Laguna Garzón is the undisputed KiteSurf spot in José Ignacio.

kite surfing in gazón lagoon

Kitesurfing is a sport that literally makes you fly: flying over the sea on top of a board, thanks to the power of the wind that pushes the kite, perfectly combining the sensation of adrenaline and the total enjoyment of nature.

There are many sensations that make kitesurfing such an addictive sport: The feeling of being 100% connected with the environment, added to the feeling of freedom and the feeling that you are moving thanks to the power of the wind, make it the formula perfect.

It is a sport of continuous improvement and infinite goals, which confronts you with a new challenge in each session. That always leaves you wanting to go for more, that takes you away from your comfort zone by enhancing your skills and strengths, which ultimately transforms into a philosophy of life that constantly motivates you to keep going.

At the KITESURF URUGUAY school you will have state-of-the-art equipment, instructors with extensive experience and a dynamic and personalized program that allows a fast and safe evolution while respecting your learning pace. You will know the best spots and you will be part of a group that shares your same passion.

You will not only learn kitesurfing, you will change your lifestyle, enjoying nature and taking advantage of every last dose of wind, letting yourself be carried away until sunset.

The school works 7 days a week, depending on the wind conditions and adapting to your schedules.

During the summer season it is located in Laguna Garzón (Route 10 km 188, Maldonado).

Laguna Garzón is the undisputed and recognized spot for kitesurfing. Thanks to its natural conditions, it is the ideal place for quick and safe learning.

It is also a very attractive point for those who already sail and want to practice a Freestyle session, executing maneuvers.

The rest of the year the school moves according to the wind.

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