La Susana Beach Bar in José Ignacio

The restaurant on the beach of La Susana offers its visitors the quintessence of José Ignacio's cool vibe. Located on the sand of José Ignacio's Mansa Beach, this cool restaurant has the latest in fresh, local and organic Uruguayan cuisine, atmosphere and great music to add to the dining experience, sunset cocktails, parties, dinners and bonfires. Guests enjoy ...

Obra Prima Studio and its minimalist refuge in Punta del Este, Uruguay

The city of Punta del Este offers paradisiacal beaches, strong waves, mild climate, nightlife, colonial and contemporary architecture, navigation and green neighborhoods. In Uruguay, this destination represents an international seasonal tourist center with a large contingent that flies from Argentina and Brazil. The living room area is equipped with a sectional sofa covered in linen, armchairs ...


A super exclusive country hotel called "VIK"

If there is a dream place on earth, it would be one that is located on that thin line that separates the sky, the field, the lagoon and the sea, an almost impossible point on the horizon where nature achieves a perfect union. In the town of José Ignacio, Estancia Vik rises, an initiative of the Norwegian developer Alex Vik, a "whim" that aims to sustain itself with the twelve rooms of this ...

Jose Ignacio Uruguay

A hippie-chic little town in Uruguay called José Ignacio.

In José Ignacio, the dirt roads are narrow, the Porsches wide, and there are too many drivers eager for a place. After all, everyone is eager to see the scene unfolding on the shore: micro bikini models, wealthy Americans struggling not to stare, European bon vivants gazing unabashedly, and Argentinian beauties blowing air kissing at all. ..

modern design in punta del este houses for sale luxury punta

The discreet and modern design of the Uruguayan ocean coast

A few years ago they began to settle on the outskirts of Punta del Este, especially in less populated areas such as La Barra, Manantiales and José Ignacio, residences with a modern and minimalist design where stone, wood and concrete are the star materials. The innovative style of these houses includes straight lines, natural materials and austere colors, achieving a successful harmony ...


The new luxury project to live and work in Punta del Este

As we have already pointed out previously, there are many advantages of residing in Punta del Este. Among these advantages we highlight the quality of life, services, socio-economic stability and the facilities for foreigners to carry out their transfer. After the shock generated by the Covid 19 pandemic, many foreigners saw the opportunity to rethink a change in their lives and ...

Jose Ignacio Uruguay

Strolling through José Ignacio Uruguay

Perhaps you are one of that group of people who is not very attracted to the hectic life of downtown Punta del Este or the exclusive glamor of La Barra. If your thing is to relax in a super quiet but equally beautiful place, José Ignacio is for you. And these are the things that you cannot stop doing when you visit: 1- VISIT THE LIGHTHOUSE OF JOSÉ IGNACIO Being the postcard par excellence of ...

live in punta del este - playa mansa at sunset

Punta del Este: The chosen destination to live

The year of exceptions, as 2020 is known, was for many a year of important changes. With the social distancing and the quarantine imposed, as a result of the COVID 19 crisis, many Argentines stayed on this side of the pond without being able to return and others, with more planning time, decided to try their luck on this side of the pond. So much for the instability ...

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