From the Capital to the Coast

Taking advantage of the Pandemic, many people from Montevideo made the decision to radically change their environment and settle outside the capital, which is why houses in Punta del Este seem to be the preferred options.

Since March 2019, the arrival of Covid-19 has revolutionized the entire country, generating a feeling of uncertainty in all residents. From that moment, many began to consider how to pass the quarantine, since the voluntary confinement was promoted as a measure taken by the government.

With the government's measures came teleworking and with it, the freedom to work from wherever you wanted. It is there that, the east coast of the country, began to be an attractive point for the capital's inhabitants, since it sounds like an excellent idea to work from home in Punta del Este.

In the words of the mayor of Punta del Este, Andrés Jafif, the pandemic managed to empower the resort. It offers ideal services and infrastructure to live all year round, without neglecting greater security on the streets and the natural environment in which it is anchored.

In general, although daily purchases and monthly expenses may be higher than in Montevideo, annual rents are considerably lower than in the capital. For what is rented in Montevideo, you could rent something larger or better category in Punta.

With this in mind, it would be very difficult not to choose to move to houses in Punta del Este, having the option of living a few blocks from a quiet beach and changing the air, when living in the middle of an apartment of few square meters and saturated traffic noise.

THE SPA IS MOVED | Houses in Punta del Este

Since the apartments or houses in Punta del Este are being bought or rented not by tourists, but by new residents, institutions such as schools, it is noted that they have had a large increase in registrations. The International College received a greater number of inquiries in March. In the second semester it introduced about 75 new students. For next year they already have 80 new registrations.

The same happened at the Cantegril Country Club Golf Club, which had a very busy and unusual winter season. Most of the clients that gave life to the Club this winter are Argentines who experienced the pandemic in Uruguay, although local audiences also showed up. 

From being closed, to presenting a flexible schedule and finally opening the full schedule, El Country went from having an average of 30 people to having 80.

Outdoor sport was a great ally in these times. Part of the attraction of the spa is that its surroundings allow you to practice water sports, golf, long walks and other activities. And this is clearly one of the main reasons why Montevideans chose to move to Punta.


During the start of the pandemic, many businesses had to close their doors. This was the case of "The Natural and Popular Club" that was enjoying a good time when the covid arrived in our country.

Then the owners decided to reopen, although many of its members had already settled in the east, where there are already many gastronomic proposals but few "cultural" meeting places. Thus arose the possibility of renting a house in La Barra de Maldonado at a good price so the project attracted new enthusiasm.

"El Popu", as it is called now, is reborn as a place for social meeting and cultural activities, accompanied by a signature gastronomic proposal. This cafe and canteen presents affordable prices to the local public and a different option to everything that has already successfully reopened in the spa.


Houses in Punta del Este | Telecommuting

The phenomenon of teleworking that has occurred worldwide has come to change everything. 

The consulting firm Nómade points out that 41% of people with a high educational level did telework partially or totally, while the low socio-educational level only did it in 5%.

In Punta del Este it can be seen, currently, that most of the new residents who carry out telework are mostly under 40 and mostly with tertiary studies.

Many employers saw that the phenomenon of not being present has no turning back. Meetings can be carried out by zoom, some of them unnecessary. People who are satisfied with their day to day perform even more in working hours. 

Improving the quality of life, incorporating sports, adapting work, doing different activities that we always put aside is the ultimate goal of the people who made the decision to turn their lives around. Punta del Este, more than any other place in the country, presents a perfect combination between the bustle of the city and the calm of a spa.

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