How to buy in Uruguay as a foreigner

how to buy property in Uruguay

  • There are no restrictions for foreign buyers. All you need is a valid passport and proof of funds. Foreigners have the same property rights as Uruguayans.
  • No, it is not necessary. It is allowed as long as the stay limit of 180 days a year is not exceeded.
  • Protects the interests of the buyer, verifies the history of the deed, drafts agreements, structures the purchase and is in charge of the payment process and registration in the Public Registry.
  • Each property is identified with a number called “Padrón” and is registered in the Public Registry, which contains the ownership history to guarantee clear title.
  • The buyer chooses a property, verbally agrees on the price, and selects a notary. A “Reservation Ticket” is drawn up, with a 10% deposit. The process includes studying the title, chain of record and tax situation, followed by a closing date.
  • They include real estate agent fees, notary fees, notary taxes, stamp duties, and other government payments. Total costs are approximately 7% of the property value.
  • There's no need. Someone can be designated through a power of attorney, which costs approximately $400.
  • Not automatically. Other requirements must be met, such as proof of income. Recommendations from immigration specialists can be provided.
  • Up to age 65, entry into the health system is easy with monthly contributions of around $120-180. Healthcare is more affordable than in the United States or Europe, with comprehensive plans offering hospital options for a monthly fee of $100-$120.

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