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Garzón, a town stopped in time to the east of Uruguay.

Located 30 minutes from the José Ignacio spa lighthouse and less than 100 km from Punta del Este, Pueblo Garzón is the refuge for bon vivants who enjoy life among vineyards, olive groves, gray granite quarries, organic orchards and long moments of silence. , a key element of the new concept of luxury cultivated by gourmet travelers. Garzón, a town stopped in time east of ...

Jose Ignacio Uruguay

A hippie-chic little town in Uruguay called José Ignacio.

In José Ignacio, the dirt roads are narrow, the Porsches wide, and there are too many drivers eager for a place. After all, everyone is eager to see the scene unfolding on the shore: micro bikini models, wealthy Americans struggling not to stare, European bon vivants gazing unabashedly, and Argentinian beauties blowing air kissing at all. ..

Jose Ignacio Uruguay

Strolling through José Ignacio Uruguay

Perhaps you are one of that group of people who is not very attracted to the hectic life of downtown Punta del Este or the exclusive glamor of La Barra. If your thing is to relax in a super quiet but equally beautiful place, José Ignacio is for you. And these are the things that you cannot stop doing when you visit: 1- VISIT THE LIGHTHOUSE OF JOSÉ IGNACIO Being the postcard par excellence of ...

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