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Although we have a portfolio of exclusive properties for houses for sale in Punta del Este, we want to offer you a service that goes much further. Tell us what the property of your dreams would be like and we will find it.

We provide our clients with the most complete comprehensive advice for investments, residency in Uruguay and lifestyle. We understand individual needs when buying a home and / or moving to Punta del Este.

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Houses for Sale in Punta del Este

Punta del Este It is the most famous spa in Uruguay and probably in the entire southern cone. It offers its visitors to enjoy the natural beauty of its white sand ocean beaches, sports and outdoor walks, parties and nightlife, the latest trends in fashion and design and also a sophisticated gastronomy.
Houses for sale in Punta del este | The Punta del Este fingers
Surf lovers shine while drilling waves at Playa Brava while those seeking tranquility choose Playa Mansa to sunbathe and swim without waves and in a calmer sea. When the sun goes down at night, Punta del Este offers varied and incredible opportunities in discos, casinos, pubs, and concerts.


The bar

Just 15km from Punta del Este is La Barra, a hippie-chic surf town. La Barra is a very quiet place during the low season and lively during the summer month. It has become one of the most sought after and desired places due to the growing international importance of Punta del Este in recent years.
Its emblematic “Puente Leonel Viera”, an undulating bridge that spans the Maldonado River, is nicknamed the “Puente de la Risa” (the bridge of laughter) for the sensation of vertigo that is experienced when crossing it.
La Barra is a haven for surfers popular for its consistent waves and has many galleries and artists displaying their works of painting and sculpture. With a perfect combination of harmony and serenity during the day and an active schedule at night, La Barra is one of the most desired places in eastern Uruguay.
It offers a more relaxed and rustic lifestyle than Punta del Este, but does not lose the exclusivity that characterizes this area. In the Uruguayan summer (from December to March) La Barra is known for an active nightlife, excellent cuisine, private parties and VIP themes. In contrast to the tall apartment buildings of Punta del Este, La Barra is surrounded by large maritime farms and low-rise houses.
The main street functions as a meeting point and invites you to a relaxing stroll through it visiting chic boutiques, galleries, cafes, bars and restaurants. Many places, such as trendy nightclubs, can change names and locations each season, and make this town a favorite spot on warm summer nights.
It is a destination that can be enjoyed at any time of the year. The charm of La Barra also lies in its colorful architecture and its historical reputation as a fishing village, which is much appreciated in the low season, without so many tourists. In addition, the proximity to Punta del Este and José Ignacio make it a privileged destination to visit at any time of the year.

Jose Ignacio

Nestled in the exclusive Punta del Este, the quiet fishing town of José Ignacio Uruguay wakes up in the summer, full of surfers, sun seekers and sophisticated socialites. With dreamy private beaches and a bohemian yet glamorous vibe, the town offers a mix of laid-back charm and vibrancy hard to resist.

Jose Ignacio UruguayJosé Ignacio, located half an hour from the prominent Punta del Este, is a gem of a coastal fishing town that loses its usual drowsiness and lights up in the summer months when glamorous guests and surfers arrive to soak up the lively atmosphere. A haven for rich and famous vacationers seeking a sophisticated retreat away from the spotlight, José Ignacio offers fine dining, world-class wine, and plenty of exclusive accommodations to choose from.

In addition to the countless high-end offerings, this elegant little town has its own distinctive character, which is precisely what makes it so appealing. Eclectic shops and soft sand beaches abound, perfect for those wanting a nice souvenir or savoring the sun. Real Estate Punta del Este

Culture lovers can immerse themselves in the burgeoning arts scene, go kitesurfing at the José Ignacio Lagoon, or take a trip to the vineyards of Bodega Garzón, just 45 minutes away. If what you are looking for is adventure, you can try mountain biking or horse riding on the dirt roads of Estancia Vik. Whatever your vacation style, complete your visit by watching the sun set behind the magical José Ignacio Lighthouse.

 Houses for Sale in Punta del Este.

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