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Uruguay: an oasis of quality in Latin America

Punta del Este Real Estate

Punta del Este is the most famous resort in Uruguay and probably in the entire Southern Cone. It offers its visitors the natural beauty of its white-sand ocean beaches, sports, outdoor walks, the latest trends in fashion and design, parties and nightlife, as well as sophisticated cuisine. Punta del Este is a showcase to the world. 

La Barra, Uruguay 

La Barra It has become one of the most valued and desired places by tourists visiting Uruguay. 

It is known for its active nightlife, its excellent cuisine and high-class private parties. An exclusive and elegant place, more relaxed and calm than neighboring Punta del Este. 

Jose Ignacio Real Estate

A paradise for those seeking a sophisticated retreat away from the limelight. That is why José Ignacio attracts the rich and famous.

This coastal town illuminated at night by the light of the lighthouse offers luxury dining and a wide range of properties to enjoy the elegance and peace of the surroundings. 

A place with a distinctive character that makes it one of the most attractive towns in the area. See our exclusive luxury homes for sale in José Ignacio.


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